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LED Lighting Heat Sink
LED lighting cooler: New products & PDF documents download
nPowertek Company is heat pipe and heat column heatsink provider, we developed LED lighting heat sink inserted heat column diameter 25.4mm,33mm,40mm.for Hi-watts fanles solution ,the nature air cooling capacity from 10~200 watts. we also can made by OEM and ODM.
LED lighting heat sink  DM
AL interlock fin soldered with Heat column solution




  1. Weight Lighter
  2. More dissipate cooling area
  3. Easy for air convection solution
  4. Shape can made by customize
  5. for Mass production inquiry
  6. Cooling watts: 20 watts ~200 watts
NPH Interlock AL fin version heat sink Specifications
Diameter 150mm/120mm extruded heat sink series
  1. Simple design
  2. More dissipate cooling area
  3. Easy for air convection solution
  4. Shape fixed
  5. for small volumn inquiry
  6. Cooling watts : 10 watts ~ 150 watts
Diameter 150mm extruded heat sink series  Specifications

Diameter 120mm extruded heat sink series Specifications
Aluminum Cold Forging Heat Sinks
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