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TTIC Company profile:
Thermal Transtech International Corporation (TTIC) was founded in 1998.

The company is specialized in Aluminum and Copper heat sink products manufacturing & design, especially in heat sinks, heat pipes(column) heat sink cooling solution,. Over 6 years of experience, TTIC is now the famous in heat sink manufacturing & design in the world.

The company has an excellent reputation in quality control and production capacity. This reputation is achieved by combining a strong R&D team, the total quality control concept, and an integrated operation procedure.

In 2002, TTIC teams set up heat column research. In order to enhance the heat column technology and solve the thermal dissipate problem, TTIC teams develop the heat column cooler, Expected to bring out to the production in early 2004. TTIC will scale new heights in the thermal technology with the success of this project.

Recently, TTIC goes into the desktop thermal industry aggressively, combined the heat column and stacked fin heat sink to apply to desktop CPU cooler.

Now, TTIC is on the way to achieve the goal "being a player in the international market of heat transfer devices" We believe that with our endless effort, the goal will become reality.

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